Hello sweet people!

Advent is the first season of the Catholic liturgical year and it spans the 4 weeks before Christmas (this year it began on Sunday, December 2). It is a time of waiting and preparing for the birth Christ through the Mary. Actually, it is a time of preparation for an entire year of spiritual growth and development. These four weeks can set the tone for all the weeks and months that follow and it has the potential to really get us off on the right foot as we dive deeper into relationship with the Divine.

Advent is quickly becoming one of my favourite times of the year, not because I’m Christmas junkie but because I’m coming to love the idea of being in anticipation, of being in the waiting. 

As I think back, much of my time has been spent waiting – waiting to grow out of adolescence and into adulthood, waiting to get married, waiting to have children, so on and so forth… Those periods of time were long and arriving at each one of those major events took years. Though some preparation was necessary, I know I could have spent that time in anticipation more productively, more intentionally. I’m sure I missed opportunities to grow and cultivate skills and relationships available during the days, weeks, and months spent as an adolescent, as an unmarried women and without children. 

Now, when I find myself longing for the next “big” thing to happen, I remind myself that there is so much available to me at this very moment.

We celebrate the coming of Christ every year all along knowing that he has already come and that he is with us in the waiting. The presence of God is omnipresent – everywhere and in all things. So while we think that the next “major” event will bring us more joy, more contentment – we’re really after that which we already have. 

That joy, that contentment, that peace is within you and it has always been. Once you realize this, you will begin to value the times of waiting just as much as those of abundant fulfillment.