God in all things.

I have wrestled with this thought for many years now and thanks be to God I have found my answer. Perhaps you, too, will find some comfort here.

I have been practicing the spiritual science of Yoga since 2005. There have been years of dedicated and consistent practice and years without as I would access the wisdom on an as-needed basis. Throughout these years, I have, for the most part, also remained a faithful Catholic. 

However, I have lived with strong unsettledness. I have found it difficult to marry my deep love for this ancient wisdom of self-purification, the purpose of which is to transform into an empty vessel through which Christ can enter, and my deeply ingrained ties to the Roman Catholic belief system of my family. I kept feeling that I had to choose, that I couldn’t live in both worlds – I had to pick a side. Or so I thought…

Then it hit me – if I am seeking God and God is seeking me, why would I be afraid to experience Him in every and anyway that He presents himself?

It’s the Jesuit mantra – God in all things.

The reason I’ve been unable to accept this fundamental truth, until now, is because I’ve been allowing fear of the other to shake my certainty of God’s omnipresence. That fear, that there’s only ONE way and if I stray from that way I’ll be condemned for eternity, has been a disease inside me that has finally come to light.

The thinking that spiritual practices of other traditions are to be feared and ignorantly rejected, my friends, is the devil’s manifestation.

The idea that God is only recognizable to a select few types of humans on the entire earth is absurd! We are all His children, we are all of Him, as is everything that exists.

There is no Satan, there is no enemy. The only thing we have to fear is how close we’re coming to believing that our neighbour is not a part of us, that we don’t need one another and that we can’t learn from each other.

The farther we walk away from community, from understanding the peaks and valleys of each other’s lives – the farther we walk from our Divine Creator, from knowing and being love. 

I realize now that the peace and bliss I experience when listening to the chanting of Sikh yogis simply and beautifully connects me to the manifestation of God in another culture – the words may be different but the essence is the same. There is only God.

Sat nam,


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