Where better to begin repairing and reimagining our relationship with the Church that with her people, the saints!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

“The spirit is truly the dwelling of the saints and the saints are for the spirit a place where he dwells as in his own home, since they offer themselves as a dwelling place for God and are called his temple.”

Basically, the saints are people who pray without ceasing by the way they live their lives (1Thessalonians 5: 17). It is not they who live but Christ who lives through them (Galatians 2: 20) and transforms them into the living Love. What inspiration we have access to! Yes, of course, we could spend our time focusing on all the horrible things the Catholic Church has done, or instead, we could celebrate all the incredible souls that it is has formed. The souls that stood up against injustice (Saint Damien the Leper of Molokai, Saint Martin de Porres, or Saint Catherine of Siena), advocated for and provided aid to the poor (Saint Theresa of Calcutta, Saint Francis Xavier, or Saint Clare of Assisi), and those who propelled the development of the intellect (Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, or Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) are just a few examples of the myriad of humans we have to look up to.

The saints are the light that guide our way to Christ and we have a huge number of them, over 10,000! We have so many examples of how to emulate the love Jesus lived; therefore, we have no excuses not to. It doesn’t make any sense to pay so much attention to those doing harm, when we have such a large number of people doing good – those are the ones who will inspire us to act, give us hope for a better world and remind us of the Love that created us and calls us home.

May you realize yourself as the dwelling place of the Spirit and let the divine light illuminate both your path and the path of everyone you encounter along the way.



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