The Big Change

The direction of this blog is changing. I often think about writing but don’t because I’m not really sure what it is it I want to say. I know there are great truths deep within me, a creative force seeking to pour out of me but I had yet to align myself properly and let it flow.

With the most recent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church has come much anger and dialogue regarding what it means to be Catholic. What has become most obvious to myself, and hopefully others, is that the church is not the people who abuse and cover-up, who seek power and self-gratification. The Catholic Church is the people that live everyday seeking to bring Christ into this world, people living the love that God is. And there are lots of those people, so many more than the corrupt ones. Unfortunately, we don’t hear about them often because, in our culture, good news is not what we’ve been trained to see and appreciate. Our culture focuses on the negative, focuses on evoking emotions of anger and intolerance, instead of noticing and celebrating all the wonderful and awesome things of this world, those that reflect the radiance of God.

Over the past 30 years, I have been slowly transitioning away from my attachment to a vague, self-directed spirituality. I have been called to humbly commit myself to a set of guidelines in order to grow closer to the Divine Light. These guidelines happen to fall within the teachings of the Catholic Church.

From here on out, I will use this blog to highlight the many beautiful and inspiring aspects of the Church. My goal is to create a portfolio of what it really means to be Catholic, to illuminate the truth, goodness, and beauty of it all.

I hope you find some joy here, something to draw you away from apathy and into the warm embrace of hope and love.



One thought on “The Big Change

  1. Good luck to you. Focusing on God’s good in our world rather than the devil’s evil work is something that all of us can benefit from. I look forward to reading your future posts.

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