An Insight into Escapism

We have all created escape routes, avenues to quickly access in times of uneasiness. Facebook, twitter, daydreaming, yelling, eating, and drinking are all examples of activities we use to get ourselves (if only for a moment) out of our current situation. Doing this is a great disservice to ourselves. The more you escape the more you are going to be confronted with what you are trying to escape from. Life events (even the most minute) are not arbitrary. Every experience you have is an opportunity to learn and grow, to evolve into a greater being. Wherever you find yourself know that there is a lesson for you there, there is something just for you that must be learned in order for you to move on. Distracting yourself from an experience only prolongs the suffering you endure. Imagine life as a horizontal track and every experience presents itself as a set of stairs to a track above the one you’re on. If you have the experience and learn the lesson then you get to climb the stairs to the next track. However; if you choose to escape the experience by means of whatever distraction you’ve chosen then you will continue on the same horizontal track until the next set of stairs appears when you will again be presented with the choice of learning and moving on or staying and then being faced with the same situation again and again until you decide to fully go through it. The choice is yours, where do you want to be tomorrow? next week? month? year? ten years?


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