An Insight into Relationships

We all want friendship, love, acceptance, kindness, and understanding from others. In fact, when we don’t get it we are told to demand it, to say, “I deserve to be treated better, I deserve a promotion, I deserve love, etc…” What we often forget is that the way we are treated by the world is a direct reflection of the way we treat ourselves. If you are not getting the love you desire, it means you are not loving yourself to the degree at which you could recognize love from another. We must know something first, the seed must be planted within us before we can perceive it  from the outside. If you are not being treated kindly by others, ask yourself, “ Are you kind to you?” Again, if the answer is “not really” how can you expect to know when others are being kind? Additionally, how can you know how to be kind to others? It all starts with you. What thoughts do you feed your mind, what actions do you feed your body, what stories do you tell yourself about who you are? We cannot expect change to come from the outside in, the world is shaped by your perspective. Every possibility is out there and you are the filter. Do not only treat others the way you want to be treated,  treat yourself that way you want to be treated. Both are equally important. If you want to live in a beautiful world, if you want happiness, if you want success then you must acknowledge yourself as beautiful, as happy, and as successful. Sit in front of a mirror and gaze into your eyes, say to yourself  “I love you, I forgive you, You are beautiful.” Smile to yourself. Give yourself a tight hug. Our relationship with ourselves is the most important relationship we have because it dictates our relationship with the world.



One thought on “An Insight into Relationships

  1. I think, I agree with you on most counts.
    I also tend to argue with myself, if we can one learn to me content with oneself do you need the affections of another?

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