An Insight into Discomfort

There are moments in life when we physically have to sit through something very uncomfortable. It’s tough. It’s riding the wave of uncertainty. What will get us through those times (and all times quite frankly) is letting go of the beginning and not reaching for the end. What we have is this experience right now. There is no past or future. The more we try to hold on to what has been or reach towards what may be the more difficult our journey will be. You are here, right now, no other time exists no matter how badly you wish it to. Suffering is created from attachments, the less we are attached to an experience, time, idea, emotion, etc… the less we will suffer. When you experience something unpleasant, do not wish for it to go away, do not grab for your comfort zone. Rather, become familiar with the state you are in, examine it, learn from it, let is pass through. The less reactive we are the less intense our experiences will be. If we want peace, we must be peaceful. There is no other way.

Yoga Practice: Eka-pada-paschimottanasana (one leg posterior stretch)

This asana relaxes the mind and makes it more flexible. This will increase our ability to adapt and find peace where we are.

  •  Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of you
  • Bend right leg and place the heel either against the inner thigh or on top of the thigh of the left leg
  • Pull the head to the extended leg (left leg), bending forward, holding the big toe of the left leg with both hands. (use a strap around the extended leg if it is difficult to reach the toe)
  • Hold this pose for a few minutes
  • Release on an exhale
  • Repeat on the other side



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