An Insight into Success and Failure

Often we deem ourselves either successes or failures depending on the outcome of a pursued goal. When we set a target and either achieve it or not we determine whether we have won or lost at the respective task (i.e. I am either the “winner” or the “loser”). I propose abandoning the win/lose spectrum and adopting the “have I learned anything?” metric.
Pride and self importance are attributes commonly associated with success. These are emotions of the ego and impair our ability to develop empathy. Similarly, failure often leads to experiences of depression and decreased self-worth. These are precursors to self-sabotage and unhappiness. Instead, why not look back at our journey and determine how much wisdom we have gained? This would prevent the inflation of the ego and it would nurture our evolution. Throughout our time on earth we continually visit both peaks and valleys. The less we reinforce our ego with either positive or negative feedback the less intense the ups and downs will be. However, this requires us to learn from the experience. If we do not focus on the learning, but rather focus on the emotions evoked from the high points and the low points they will only increase in frequency and intensity. Whereas, if we take the time to examine the path and allow ourselves to learn from it our minds will become focused on the journey rather than on the destination.

Yoga Practice: Today, in place of practicing a specific pose, ask yourself what you have learned from today’s events, without attaching positive or negative emotions to them.


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