An Insight into Non-Violence

To be non-violent does not only mean to be physically non-violent, but also verbally and mentally non-violent. Additionally, it means we do not inflict pain onto ourselves as well as others. Thinking thoughts such as, “I am unattractive,” “I am stupid,” “My co-worker is a know-it-all,” etc… are all forms of violent behaviour. Although it may not appear to be such since it is not physical, it absolutely causes harm to ourselves as well as to others. It is very important to soften ourselves, to be more kind and more compassionate in our minds, words and actions. Everything we do impacts the path we are on and at some level adjusts the road to suit us. If you speak, think, and act with anger then you will only recognize an angry, harsh world. However, if you speak, think, and act with kindness and compassion, you will be greeted by a kind and compassionate world. As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Yoga Pose: Balasana (Chid’s Pose)

This is a resting asana. It reminds us of a time when we were excited about life and open to all possibilities. A time when our initial reaction to others was non-judgmental and friendly. This pose allows us the space to surrender and soften, to become more childlike.

  • Kneel on your mat or the floor
  • Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as the mat or wider than your hips
  • Exhale and lay your torso down between your thighs
  • Forehead to the mat/floor
  • Arms either alongside your lower legs, palms up or extended forward with palms on the mat/floor
  • Breathe slowly and deeply into the lower abdomen
  • Stay until you feel peace, smile to yourself



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