An Insight into Stress

There was a time when I thought that if only I decreased the number of stressors in my life and created this cocoon of light and peace, I would be content. For awhile I lived this way, receding deeper and deeper into my space of disconnected bliss. One day, I met a man who lived amongst chaos, stress and struggle. He was very much a part of the world instead of being apart from it like I was. Immediately, I was interested in this person. He lived very differently from the way I had been living. Because of my love for him I began to reintegrate myself into life, it was amazing how difficult it was then and still is. By retreating into myself, into my safe space, I had missed opportunities to learn the ways of adapting. I had forgotten my ability to overcome challenges and to withstand difficult experiences. During the reintegration I experienced fear, anxiety and panic.

The universe will always present us with challenges in order for us to evolve. The key is to stay, not to run away. I ran for a long time and I’ve been paying the price for it ever since. We need to accept that there is no place on this earth where we will not be confronted with difficulty. That confrontation is the universe’s way of teaching us, of allowing us to evolve. We must be thankful for the struggle and accept it as a loving gift.

Choose any pose you avoid doing, for me it is pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana). Stay in the pose for 10 minutes. If you feel pain at anytime stop.


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