An Insight into Vulnerability

I recently watched a TED talk about vulnerability. (                              The speaker made some great points, most notably about how those who truly succeed are not necessarily the most prepared but are those most willing to be vulnerable. Not to say being somewhat prepared isn’t necessary, by all means it is, but without the courage to be vulnerable the attainment of dreams will be slightly out of reach.

To be vulnerable means to allow yourself to dangle, to be unsure if the rope’s going to hold you up or if it’s going to unravel and send you pummeling down towards the ground. It’s a scary place to be, terrifying even. And what’s at the root? Uncertainty, of course. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is allowing yourself to stand in the face of uncertainty and say, “I accept that I do not know how this will end, but I’m going to do it anyways.”

Asanas like Bakasana, the Crane, help us release our fear of the unknown. This pose allows us to take a chance. It is both a balance and a strength pose which requires our full dedication, once you start you must commit and the success is uncertain. Alas, we try. In this pose, the hands and arms support the weight of the body. The legs are bent, the shins resting on the backs of the upper arms or knees squeezing the outer arms. The feet are lifted off the ground. This pose resembles a crane wading in water. Simply attempting this pose is enough to benefit.



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