An Insight into Anxiety

I was speaking to a friend recently about anxiety and it struck me that although the source of our anxiety may be different, the experience is very similar. Anxiety begins with a feeling, that feeling becomes a thought and that thought tends to become many thoughts that form a loop in one’s mind. Once the loop is formed it can be very challenging to get over the anxiety and we can become stuck in the spiral of worry and nervousness. The fact is that the whole process could have stopped with that initial feeling, we could have just let it pass through us without attaching any thoughts to the experience. That’s something yoga teaches us, to allow ourselves the space to have an experience, be it pleasant or unpleasant, and not to attach our thoughts to the it, rather just be.

It is said, “The pose begins when you want to leave it.” That is true about life as well, when we are in a difficult situation our reaction is generally to DO something about it and we think that’s the right way, but the truth is that evolution comes from staying, from adapting, that’s where the real growth happens.


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